I first learned about aProCh and their work when it was featured as one of the finalists for the ‘Urban Ingenuity Awards 2013’, an award created by Citibank and the Financial Times. aProCh stands for 'a Protagonist in every Child'. It is a is a community based initiative started by Kiran Bir Sethi, who also founded and directs the Riverside School in Ahmedabad.

Aiming to make fast-growing Ahmedabad more child-friendly aProCh has undertaken a whole array of projects. One of the very successful ideas, that I believe could easily be replicated in other cities and countries is called StreetSmart. Organizers close down a street to traffic for a day and invite all children in the area to come and celebrate. They set up activities and games, play music, help with street art and essentially convert a public space usually devoted to traffic, into a space that children and the entire community can enjoy. According to aProCh these events “welcome children and the community to feel free and safe” and they demonstate that “the city cares for its youngest protagonist. It is a place where children come together from all demographics to become a community. The street becomes a playground and a canvas for children where they can own the city and leave their mark on the landscape of the city.



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If you re interested in finding out more about Kiran Sethi and her work in Ahmedabad listen to her TED talk at: http://www.ted.com/talks/kiran_bir_sethi_teaches_kids_to_take_charge.html


All photos from www.aproch.org