Photo credit: Box City,
Photo credit: Box City,

Games related to city planning/ design


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  •  Plan it Green (The Big Switch), challenges children to build the greenest city - including renewable energy;
  •  Play Urban Plan, build your own city and grow it to the largest population;
  • A great game for children of around five, Community Game, uses tiles to form the community of their creation;
  • Learn for Good building and construction games;
  • Fupa provides architecture, construction, puzzle, build games, and more;
  • 42eXplore lists websites regarding architecture, made by kids, what it takes to become an architect, and more;
  •  Lego sells buildable models of some of the most iconic architecture in the world;
  • Play Digital Dollhouse: Dream Victorian and change the styles and colors of the exterior;
  • A great tool for school is the Box City. Now available in download. It teaches children how cities are planned, or unplanned; what makes a quality city, and how citizens (yes, children too!) can participate in the improvement of the built environment;
  •  Make a funny urban planning story by using the American Planning Association’s (APA) Crazy City Stories children’s game;
  • Choose a great place, or a lousy place, draw a picture of that place with a caption, and submit it for inclusion in the APA’s City Gallery;
  • Write a poem about the city that you live in with the help of APA’s Word Town;
  • Explore the community with this APA Community Scavenger Hunt;
  • or for older children - and adults - there is SimCity, a city simulation game where you can be your own Mayor. Careful not to get addicted!